Don’t dwell in the past

Today I came across an interesting article in a newspaper . It says

This moment will become our past in the next minute. Past will not be present anymore.  Still a lot of us still dwell in the past , regretting the decisions we take constantly thinking HAD I TAKEN THIS STEP COUPLE OF YEARS AGO , MY LIFE WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT NOW , CHILDHOOD DAYS ARE AWESOME AND NOW LIFE SUCKS!! the list goes on.

Cursing our present and still dwelling in the past will not take us anywhere. We have to come out of the past , enjoy the present to the fullest.Enjoyment depends on how we tune our mindset. AND REMEMBER FUTURE CAN WAIT!!!

Amazing lines about family

I recently read “Tuesday with Morrie” and stumbled across an extraordinary paragraph about family. Thought of sharing it with you all.

Family is not just love, but letting others know there’s someone who is watching out for them . What I call “spiritual security”. Knowing that your family will be there watching out for you Nothing else will give you that . NOT MONEY. NOT FAME”

So always love your family and take care of them no matter how busy you are !!

Success isn’t a popularity contest!!

The other day , I was reading a book by Robin Sharma and stumbled across the below beautiful lines

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you . All that matters is what you think of you . We waste so much energy worrying about the opinions of others , wanting to be liked , needing to please . But authentic leadership and real personal mastery are all about rising above social approval – to self-approval . Respect you . So long as you are living by your values , being authentic , running your own race and doing your dreams , why worry what anyone else thinks or feels or says about you? Success isn’t a popularity contest . And at the end of each day , what matters most is whether you were true to yourself

It has changed the way I live my daily life !!!!!

Wonderful lines from a book about life

Recently , I came across the below lines in a book about life . Thought of sharing with you all as well.

If you are confused about life , you are not alone . There are almost seven billion of us. This isn’t a problem, of course, once you realize that life is neither a problem to be solved nor a game to be won.

If you are too intent on making the pieces of a non existent puzzle fix , you miss out on all the real fun . The heaviness of success-chasing can be replaced with a serendipitous lightness when you recognize that the only rules and limits are those we set for ourselves.

Such powerful lines !!! Go on easy with you lives and enjoy each and every moment of your present .

My Blog revamped!!

Today I am very happy to publish my revamped blog . Whenever I feel little down mentally , I would revisit the old posts of my blog . It has atleast one post that could boost up my motivation and relieve my stress . Hope my blog would do the same to you all.

Here is the link you can go ahead and bookmark @MyBlog

With love  -Ravi