Parents are our default mentors!!

We spend so much time searching for people who inspire us , for our mentors , for our role models . But we overlook the fact that our role models are beside you right from the day you were born !!!

  • They sacrificed their sleep when you are sick
  • They spent their savings for your studies
  • They buy whatever you wanted during your childhood days
  • They emanate unconditional love which doesn’t age with time
  • They patiently take in all your anger , sadness and any negative emotions you show on them
  • There is nobody on this planet who cries as they do when you part from them at later point in your lives
  • Mom teaches us responsibility , Dad teaches us courage


Parents teach us how to be responsible , how to stay strong and avoid crisis in your lives. No matter how much technology is impacting your life , there are many things that we can learn easily from our parents , OUR DEFAULT MENTORS

Lets respect them and spend time with them irrespective of your age , social status and other immaterial things humans consider great and foolish enough to realize that our echoes and attitudes are like very very tiny specs of dust in this vast universe!!!