Parents are our default mentors!!

We spend so much time searching for people who inspire us , for our mentors , for our role models . But we overlook the fact that our role models are beside you right from the day you were born !!!

  • They sacrificed their sleep when you are sick
  • They spent their savings for your studies
  • They buy whatever you wanted during your childhood days
  • They emanate unconditional love which doesn’t age with time
  • They patiently take in all your anger , sadness and any negative emotions you show on them
  • There is nobody on this planet who cries as they do when you part from them at later point in your lives
  • Mom teaches us responsibility , Dad teaches us courage


Parents teach us how to be responsible , how to stay strong and avoid crisis in your lives. No matter how much technology is impacting your life , there are many things that we can learn easily from our parents , OUR DEFAULT MENTORS

Lets respect them and spend time with them irrespective of your age , social status and other immaterial things humans consider great and foolish enough to realize that our echoes and attitudes are like very very tiny specs of dust in this vast universe!!!

Wish you all a very happy new year

First of all a very happy new year to all . We are into 2018 now living in a very fast paced world along with almost 7.5 billion people.

Lot of us probably might have already set goals for 2018. Set realistic goals and put in effort in an incremental manner day by day to achieve your goals. Have patience as it will take time and effort to realize your dreams . 

Once again Happy New year to all and Enjoy each and every day of your life .

Don’t dwell in the past

Today I came across an interesting article in a newspaper . It says

This moment will become our past in the next minute. Past will not be present anymore.  Still a lot of us still dwell in the past , regretting the decisions we take constantly thinking HAD I TAKEN THIS STEP COUPLE OF YEARS AGO , MY LIFE WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT NOW , CHILDHOOD DAYS ARE AWESOME AND NOW LIFE SUCKS!! the list goes on.

Cursing our present and still dwelling in the past will not take us anywhere. We have to come out of the past , enjoy the present to the fullest.Enjoyment depends on how we tune our mindset. AND REMEMBER FUTURE CAN WAIT!!!

Success isn’t a popularity contest!!

The other day , I was reading a book by Robin Sharma and stumbled across the below beautiful lines

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you . All that matters is what you think of you . We waste so much energy worrying about the opinions of others , wanting to be liked , needing to please . But authentic leadership and real personal mastery are all about rising above social approval – to self-approval . Respect you . So long as you are living by your values , being authentic , running your own race and doing your dreams , why worry what anyone else thinks or feels or says about you? Success isn’t a popularity contest . And at the end of each day , what matters most is whether you were true to yourself

It has changed the way I live my daily life !!!!!

We have everything ! Yet we worry

  • I have family;
  • I have friends;
  • I have money;
  • I have good health;
  • I go wherever I want;
  • I live in a very good place with good food and friendly people;
  • I have everything;
  • Still WHY DO I CRY FOR THE THINGS I DON’T HAVE ???? Guess we humans have this habit of ignoring what we have and cry for the things what we don’t have
  • Let me give up this habit;
  • Let life be simple;
  • Let me forget about time and calendar;
  • Let me live in the present and enjoy each and every small moments of my life;

Most of us have everything , still we worry instead of enjoying life with what we have . LIFE IS VERY SIMPLE . LETS ENJOY THE PRESENT .